Young Visegrad ImagiNation

The YVI project has been organized by the Performalita theatre group during 2017 and 2018 in co-operation with institutions in all countries of the Visegrad Group. Hundreds of kids and youth from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland have been taking part in the project.

The main components of the project have been:

1. Competitions:
– visual art competition for children 5-12 years on the theme Imagine a visitor from a remote world!
– writing competition for youths 13-18 years on the theme Misunderstanding

2. Theatre performances:
– production and presentations of a theatre performance for children titled Mission: HOME
– production and presentations of a theatre performance for young audiences titled Like Me If You Can

3. Presentations of work of children and youth:
– travelling exhibition Imagine a Visitor from a Remote World!
– e-gallery of children’s art on: e-gallery
– e-book available on: e-book
– illustrated e-book

4. Performances created as part of the project presented while travelling through the V4 countries.

Description of project components:

  • “Imagine a Visitor from a Remote World!” + “Mission: HOME”

As a response to our art competition on the theme: Imagine a visitor from a remote world!, children from all V4 countries aged 3-12 sent us over 200 drawings and other creations. Some of the works were shown as part of the travelling exhibition and Performalita chose the most interesting pieces to inspire the theatre performance.

More about Imagine a Visitor from a Remote World!

The performance titled Mission: HOME combined puppets and alternative theatre techniques with new media into an interactive theatre experience for children, touching on important contemporary themes through a playful perspective. The performance premiered in Prague on 5 Nov 2017 and has since then been played on a regular basis.

More about Mission: HOME

  • “Misunderstanding” + “Like Me If You Can”

Our second competition entitled “Misunderstanding” was intended for youth, ages 13-19. Young people sent us their texts: poems and prose, which became an inspiration for us when creating the performance Like Me If You Can. Helping out in preparing the performance, the young authors also took part in the rehearsals.

More about Misunderstanding

Theatre performance for youth and adults Like Me If You Can premiered in Prague on June 27th 2018. The creators utilize different means of alternative theater, looking for the best path to intergenerational understanding.

More about Like Me If You Can

During upcoming theatre seasons Performalita will present both performances Mission: Home and Like Me If You Can.

  • Travelling exhibition

The exhibition consists of 93 of the most interesting works of art sent by children from the entire Visegrad Group.
The exhibition was presented:

– 12. 12. 2017 – 23. 1. 2018 opening exhibition in Prague’s primary school Základní Škola Palmovka 8
– 28. 01 – 6. 02. 2018 exhibition in DDM Spirala
– 9. 06. 2018 exhibition on RefuFest
– 26. 06. – 8. 07. 2018 exhibition in Bibiana (SK)

  • Travelling through the V4 countries

The journey through the Visegrad Group countries presenting the two performances – Mission: HOME and Like Me If You Can – has been culmination and the most rewarding part of the project. After a year-long co-operation, Performalita visited all partner institutions, which allowed them to bring their performance to audiences in all four countries. The children and youth taking part in the competitions were able to see the very performances they inspired.

Travelling performances:
30. 06. “Mission: Home”, Żarów, Poland
1. 07. “Like Me If You Can”, Żarów, Poland
6. 07. “Mission: Home”, Nyírbátor, Hungary
8. 07. “Mission: Home”, Bratislava, Slovakia
9. 07. “Like Me If You Can”, Trnava, Slovakia


​This project connects artistic organisations and children from all V4 countries (CZ, SK, PL, HU) in the field of art. It mainly consists of two competitions (a visual art competition for children, and a writing competition for young people), two theatre performances, and many on-line outputs.

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visual art competition on the theme “Imagine a visitor from a remote world!” for children 5-12 years in all partner’s regions – inspiration for the first performance

See the e-gallery of children’s arts!

5.11.2017Premiere of the first performance titled “Mission: HOME” in Prague
12.12.2017opening exhibition of chosen children’s art works in Prague


writing competition based on the theme “Misunderstanding” for youth ages 13-18 years – inspiration for second performance

Read the illustrated e-book with the texts of young authors!

27.6.2018premiere of the second performance titled ”Like Me If You Can” in Prague
29.6.-10.7.2018traveling period of both performances – see the performance in your country (HU, PL, SK)

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Partner institutions

The international project Young Visegrad ImagiNation is financially cupported by Visegrad Fund