The 18 New Electric Cars I’m Looking Forward to in 2023

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    About 150 new cars with a plug are coming to US showrooms between now and the end of 2026. That might be a record expansion for the industry — and a record opportunity for you to either find the perfect EV or get completely overwhelmed. <br>Below are the 18 plug-in cars that I’m most looking forward to in 2023, because they’re likely to make a mark on the electric car landscape. This list includes pure electrics and hybrids, but does not get into the weeds on range, as that’s becoming less different between pure electric cars at roughly 225-300 miles,  to charge once every few days most of the time. And be careful with the old assumption that you can cut any prices I mention with a tax benefit, as the  needs some time to reshape the market.<br><br>Let’s start with GM, because it will arguably steal the most new EV spotlight in 2023.<br><br>A lot rides on the new Lyriq, both for GM’s electrification program and Cadillac’s role as the flagship.<br>
    Andrew Krok/CNET
    Cadillac Lyriq<br>The sort of sneaks onto my list since it lightly hit the market in late 2022, but will really make its presence known in 2023. This midsize SUV will be GM’s first vehicle based on the , which uses interesting pouch cells in a  rather than the traditional cylindrical cells that dominate the EV industry. GM says that and other details will allow Ultium to scale up and down its lines. GM also needs Ultium to put a lot of distance between it and the completely different battery architecture that underpins the . The Lyriq is the first step in that journey, starting at about $63,000. <br><br>I much prefer the Equinox without the two-tone color schemes it’s often shown with.<br>
    Chevy Blazer an is more ambitious and slightly larger than the Equinox, inspired by the Camaro in an answer to . The electric Blazer is a completely different vehicle from the , not a retrofit. It will boast 557 horsepower and 648 pound-feet of torque and hit 60 mph in under 4 seconds when in WOW mode, which stands for Wide Open Watts. We’ll run into a similar fun-centric focus with Dodge in a moment. <br><br>You can’t have a battle of one, so the Silverado EV will start the plug-in truck wars when it arrives to challenge Ford’s F-150 Lightning starting in 2023.<br>
    Chevrolet Silverado EV/GMC Sierra EV<br>These are a big deal, because and we all want to see how GM will use its . The arrival of these two electric full-size trucks will formally bury the old idea that such vehicles would be a tough sell in America. The Ultium-based will hit the market in spring 2023, followed by the electric Sierra later in the year, supply chain willing. on the F-150 Lightning, so any pricing on the GM trucks would seem to be premature speculation at this early stage.<br><br>The entire Hummer line is something of a gimmick in my mind, but the electric SUV model should be more important than the already arrived pickup. <br>
    Hummer electric SUV<br>I guess the  has to go on this list, though I think it’s merely a niche product with great profit margins. That said, the SUV body style of this electric monster should be more relevant than the existing pickup.<br><br>Three years later, 대형트럭매매 the Cybertruck still makes little sense to me, though I have to acknowledge that it will have no problem finding scads of initial takers. But how many will be collectors and flip<br>?
    Tesla Cybertruck<br>2>Like a Twitter acquisition on wheels, it’s hard to know where things stand with the Cybertruck, three years after it was introduced and . Elon Musk recently said it’s coming in 2023 and, 중고트럭매매 while I remain unconvinced that it will appeal to enough people to be a major player, it could be the biggest new EV story of 2023 based on hype and int<br>e.n”>BMW fan @BMW43 has created this popular rendering of what an electric 5 Series might look<br>e.
    BMW i<br>h2>BMW i cars began as niche oddballs in the nerdy early days of EVs, like the and , but the company has done a 180 toward mainstreaming EVs. The i5 will be an electric version of its 5-Series which, being a sedan, would normally make it less of a bellwether in the US market. But the 5 Series is no ordinary sedan, still carrying a lot of BMW brand power. As of this writing, the i5 is (substantially based on rumor) hoped for in late<br>3.n”>The Hornet will be the first electric Dodge and the R/T trim seeks to establish a new benchmark for low-cost plug-in th<br>s.
    Dodge Hornet R/<br>h2>The is a sport crossover that seeks to inject some fun into your tree hugging. Dodge says it will be the quickest, most powerful compact utility under 30 grand. I think it looks great and the R/T has a catchy gimmick: PowerShot, a paddle-and-pedal-activated 15-second dose of 25 extra HP and torque to drop a second off a 0-to-60 s<br>t.n”>Ooooff. Not sure they nailed it in the styling department with the new Io<br>6.
    Hyundai Ioniq <br>h2>The will move Hyundai out of the thin role of having just one electric-only model, the ioniq 5,  But the looks like it came from a completely different company that put a Panamera and into a juice press. I don’t love the result, but the took a while to grow on me, too. Hyundai has a decent track record of proving skeptics wrong, from its emergence from laughing-stock status in the ’80s to the growing cred of its Genesis sub <br>d.n”>The EV9 clearly seeks to offer an electric SUV to fans of the highly successful Tell<br>e.
    conventional SUV, it seems to be coming to market in a form close to the . The EV9 probably won’t arrive until late in 2023, pricin<br>D.n”>The GV60 is an EV model with saucy looks that is helping propel Genesis into solid legitimacy in the luxury car se<br>t.
    Andrew Krok/CNET
    Genesis Electrified GV70 and GV6<br>h2>The GV60 is a battery-only luxury compact crossover, while the GV70 is a slightly larger crossover that’s being made available as an electric version, but not exclusively. The smaller GV60 is slick looking and . Coupled with the electric GV70 you have a tight one-two punch from a company that has been taken quite seriously lately as a luxury chall<br>r.Volvo SU<br>h2>This speculative model is worth . The rumor mill holds that Volvo will soon offer a large electric SUV along the lines of its XC90, which I suspect would find no lack of takers among the brand’s existing cust<br>s.n”>In 2023, the Mazda MX-30 will offer an electric range extender powertrain teamed with a rotary engine, which is going to take some explaining to most cons<br>s.Mazda MX-3<br>h2>This new PHEV needs a little explaining as it’s a range extender, meaning its combustion engine is used to run a generator that refills the battery, not to drive the car directly. That’s what the  introduced us to long ago, but Mazda will run its car’s generator from a rotary engine that will be lighter, smaller, quieter and smoother than a comparable piston engine. I’m a little concerned that the electric MX-30’s tech story will be too complicated, , so it needs to arrive with great basic specs, which are <br> Toyota Prius Prim<br>h2>A new Prius Prime in 2023 should bring a major styling redesign, perhaps as an SUV with a coupe roofline, and with a more potent plug-in hybrid powertrain. Nobody can popularize PHEVs like Toyota and to have a bigger role in the future than the current EV mania suggests. I would hope the new Prius Prime sports a battery-only range of at least 45 miles compared to the current range of 25 miles, as that would enable the car to take on enough pure electric range for  — even if you forget to plug in until an hour before you head out for the d<br> 
    Lexus R<br>h2>The  will be the and will sit on the same basic platform as the unpronounceable Toyota bZ4x and Subaru Solterra. Its styling has more edges than your kitchen knife drawer, while the cockpit eschews the current trend toward excessive minimalism. The RZ promises to set a new bar for coordination between its head-up display and direct access buttons on the steering <br>l.n”>The Polestar 3 is the first model from the Volvo sub brand that pushes all the right buttons for su<br>s.
    Polestar 3 and <br>h2>The electric sub brand of Volvo will deliver its most important car to date in 2023. The will be a proper crossover, which is overdue for a brand that started with a PHEV luxury sedan that you’ve never seen in the wild, followed by the all-electric that just looks frumpy to my eye. Also being teased under a drape, below, is an upcoming electric utility vehicle with a coupe roofline, and the wickedly fast , coming in 2024. Polestar has a busy couple of years <br>d.

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