Friend of poisoned Australian student reveals terrifying new theory

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    A close friend of the Australian exchange student who almost died after unknowingly ingesting rat poison has shared an alarming new theory about his ordeal.<br>Alex Shorey, 24, 대만방구하기 was flown to on Wednesday, where doctors confirmed he had ‘very high levels of toxins’ in his body after ingesting superwarfarin – a highly toxic poison that stops blood from clotting – just before Easter.p>English teacher Elly Chen, a close friend of Mr Shorey’s and English-teaching colleague, said she suspects he was poisoned more than once in the period it took for doctors to work out what was wrong with hi<br>p> Alex Shorey (left) had been fighting for his life at Taipei Medical University Hospital in Taiwan after unknowingly ingesting rat pois<br>p> His close friend Elly Chen (pictured) said she suspected he had been poisoned on more than one occasion<br>p>’If things were getting better, why are you getting worse?’ Ms Chen told .<br>p>’What happened between the end of March and early Apri<br>p>’It doesn’t make sense to me, because once they figure out it’s rat poison, why do things go this way, right<br>p>She said she took Mr Shorey on his first visit to a Taipei hospital after he started urinating blood and experiencing black skin spots and in late March.<br>p>But doctors initially dismissed his case after suggesting it was a genetic issue.<br>p>Mr Shorey was then in and out of hospital for a month as doctors scrambled to work out what was wrong with him.<br>p>Ms Chen offered the exchange student the opportunity to stay with her when his condition deteriorate<br>p> Mr Shorey’s parents raised over $200,000 to charter a specialist medical evacuation flight to fly him to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Queensla<br>p>But Mr Shorey responded to say he was ‘staying at a friend’s place<br>p>That friend is reportedly the 45-year-old Taiwanese woman who is now under police investigation over the poisoning after officers found a 30ml bottle of rat poison at her Taipei hom<br>p>The woman has now allegedly admitted to poisoning Mr Shorey, according to local news reports. <br>p>She reportedly said that she had intended to drink the poison herself in a suicide attempt but Mr Shorey drank it by mistake.<br>p>Authorities suspect she tried to poison the Australian to stop him returning home, according to SET New<br>p>The pair are believed to have met at the end of 2022 and Mr Shorey used her home to conduct his online English lesson<br>p>On Sunday, 대만방구하기 Mr Shorey thanked those who had donated over $200,000 on a GoFundMe to fly him back on a specialist medical evacuation pl<br> ‘Thank you everyone who helped me get home,’ said Mr Shorey from his bed in the Princess Alexandra Hospital in  where he is being treate<br>The University of Queensland exchange student had been in Taiwan for a year and was weeks away from returning home to Australia when he started experiencing severe stomach pain and incessant bleed<br>He was eventually admitted to Taipei Medical University Hospital’s intensive care on April<br>After days of hemorrhaging Mr Shorey went into hypovolemic shock, meaning his organs were at risk of failing due to lack of bloo<br>A severe allergic reaction to a vitamin K treatment in hospital saw him go into cardiorespiratory collapse six days late<br>His father, Stephen, 대만방구하기 said his son had suffered another anaphylactic reaction shortly before leaving Tai<br> ‘I believe his medical repatriation actually saved his life,’ Dr Shorey<br>d.’While Alex still has a long road ahead, in terms of his recovery, his condition is impr<br>g.’He has a partially collapsed left lung, pericardial effusion, and adrenal insufficiency from the steroids he was getting to help manage his reactions to the injectable vitami<br>.’ Alex Shorey’s father Dr Stephen Shorey (left) said his son still has ‘a long road <br>d’Dr Shorey said his son was looking forward to returning to the family home in Toowoomba, 130km west of Brisbane, to ‘sit in the garden and pat his little puppy, Ba<br>’.It comes as police in Taiwan are investigating a 45-year-old woman – reported in local media as Mr Shorey’s girlfriend – over the suspected deliberate position<br> Local media are reporting that rat poison was found at the woman’s house, similar to what was in Mr Shorey’s s<br>m.The woman is now the sole suspect of a criminal investigation and is barred from leaving the co<br>y.Dr Shorey said the family were ‘aware that the Taiwanese authorities are looking closely at the circumstances surrounding Alex’s ill<br>’.’We don’t want to prejudice any police initiation by making any further comment in this matter, beyond saying that we are so grateful that our son is alive and we are eager to hear the outcome of the investigations,’ he<br>d.

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