Blízkost i Vzdálenost / Nähe und Distanz

Czech-German project focusing on the analysis of economic situation of independent artists and art in general.

The international project is a series of discussions, lectures, workshops and other activities related to the artistic and economic reality of the life of young theatre artists in Czech and Germany. Artists who do not (or do not want to) use the opportunity to work in traditional state institutions are heading into an independent sphere and in many cases failing in the confrontation with the reality. If they manage to maintain and work in the independent sphere for longer time, the artistic freedom they are supposed to find would paradoxically disappear under the never-ending writing of grant applications, financial settlements and the overwhelming presence of an attempt to attract the grant committees. Freelancer often does not have time or possibilities for his own free-lanced art. Young artists are being put under pressure, lowering their ambitions, and feeling that they are working on something they require as an important for grant committee and not for themselves or society.

Within this project, which is an open discussion-platform, artists share their experience with each other, with viewers (audience) and even with grant authorities.

Czech part in Prague: 29.10.-4.11.2018
German part in Bochum: 20.-25.11.2018

Czech coordinator: Dana Račková, Petr Dlouhý (Performalita)
German coordinator: Laura Brechmann (RUHR Universität Bochum)

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