Has It Already Begun?

Original interactive production for an audience from 13 years old shows the ongoing ecological crisis as a detective story, where the artists together with their scientific advisor search for truth, facts and the traces of our society’s crime while offering an outlet and relief in a shared experience.

Has It Already Begun?
…a question hanging in the air as students are returning home from a climate strike and the night is not quite as cold as it used to be. The planet seems to keep on turning impassively, as if nothing was wrong.
But somewhere in a dark corner, away from the sight of the society, a body is found. The investigation beings.
What else can be done than to keep looking for truth and real evidence, to rid ourselves of misleading information and blind trails?

The detective story structure hides an intricate web of theatrical images connected with scientific findings on the impact of human activity on the environment. The production unconventionally connects theatre with academic lectures, created in collaboration with many leading ecologists and portrayed by Ing. Oldřich Hudeček, PhD.

The production was created as part of the European project Rights for Kids, raising awareness of Convention on the Rights of the Child. One of the basic rights enshrined in the convention is that the Education of the child shall be directed to (…) the development of respect for the natural environment¹ and that States Parties shall take all effective and appropriate measures with a view to abolishing traditional practices prejudicial to the health of children². The ecology theme is also present in many more chapters of this internationally recognized convention. The artistic team used its chapters as a starting point for opening the topic of ecology, future, and both individual and collective responsibility towards our shared living environment.

The production originated from the artistic-scientific research of the participating artists in the field of science as well as civic activism in the Czech Republic and Germany and from artistic-residential stay in Chemnitz (KOMPLEX) called The Future & Ecology.

Director:  Dana Račková
Dramaturgy:  m.p. (Petr Dlouhý)
Cast: Adam Mensdorff-Pouilly / Sára Märc
Scientific commentary: Oldřich Hudeček
Music: Vanamond (Milan Mikšíček)
Scientific and other consultations: Radim Tolasz (Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, World Meteorological Organization, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), Alexander Ač (Global Change Research Institute CAS) Klára Sutlovičová (Czech Forum for Development Cooperation), Veronika Ambrozyová (People in Need), Tomáš Jungwirth (Association for International Affairs), Soňa Jonášová (Institute of Circular Economics), Aleš Bezděk a František Weyda (Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia), Pavel Jungwirth (Scholarly Society, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), Kristina Dvořáková (Fridays for Future)
Production: Performalita (Dana Račková)
Co-production: Solitaer e.V. (Verena Russell)
Further cooperation: Karolina Zajdel, Paulina Dobosz, Tomáš Belloň, Lukáš Kadeřábek, Anna L. Kolláth a další
With thanks to: Greta Thunberg

WORK-IN-PROGRESS: 24.01.2020 KOMPLEX, Chemnitz (Germany)
PREMIERE: 06.03.2020 Cross Attic, Prague (Czech Republic)

¹Article 29. 1.e)
²Article 24. 3.


musical-scientific composition

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