England’s original travel quarantine measures.

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    England’s original travel quarantine measures which forced arrivals to stay inside for 14 days did reduce the spread of Covid, scientists say.<br> experts tracked more than 4,000 infections linked to foreign travel from May to September 2020, to assess the first few months of No10’s rules.<br>Ministers made all arrivals self-isolate for a fortnight.

    Exemptions were only available for certain people, such as those arriving from destinations where a ‘travel corridor’ was in place. <br>But the list was repeatedly amended, with favourite holiday hotspots such as , , Portugal and added and removed. <br>Researchers compared the number of contacts the cases reported over the two days before they developed Covid symptoms.<br>Arrivals from countries with quarantine requirements had 3.5 contacts, on average.

    For 유켄영국유학 comparison, the figure stood at 5.9 for people returning from countries in No10’s ‘travel corridor'<br>/p>Scientists said this was proof the measures — once blasted as ‘completely useless’ — worked by limiting the number of people bringing in the virus from over<br>. It was particularly effective among 16 to 20-year-olds, who tend to have much higher contacts than other age <br>ps.And they said travel quarantine had the added bonus of discouraging people from going abroad, 유켄영국유학 limiting the risk of the virus re-entering the co<br>y.   The Government’s decision to form travel corridors with European countries last summer may have fuelled a rise in Covid cases, a study suggests (Pictured: People waiting in passport queues at Heathro<br>rport)Dr Dinesh Aggarwal and 유켄영국유학 colleagues did not look at restrictions on arrivals over the last year, which saw the Government introduce green, amber and red lists and hote<br>arantine.The study, based on contact-tracing data from NHS Test and 유켄영국유학 Trace, also didn’t look at travel bans imposed on South Africa when <br>ron emerged.South Africa called the bans a ‘travel apartheid’, accusing the UK and other nations of ‘punishing’ it over th<br>tant strain. RELATED ARTICLES

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