Alibaba says profit falls 81% as China cracks down on big tech

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    Mr De Lacy was later chairman of nine companies including Ergon Energy, Queensland Sugar, Cubbie Group, Trinity Property Group, CEC Group, Hynes Lawyers, Nimrod Resources, China Oil and Foodstuffs Corporation Australia, and Integrated Food and Energy Development.

    After becoming treasurer upon the election of a Labor government in 1989, Mr De Lacy was instrumental in passing a number of laws to reform fair trading, public superannuation, state-owned companies, gambling and workers compensation.


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    enues. Alibaba reported record sales on its platforms during its annual November 1-11 “Singles Day” shopping festival — China’s answer to the US “Black Friday” event — though it was markedly more low key than in past years due to government pressure to tone down the aggressive sales promotions and rampant co

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    The London-based private equity firm hired advisers early this year to review a sale or stock market listing of the business, whose core earnings dropped 15.8% last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the termination of a contract with Postepay.

    7,611. The three-day jolly with her husband and chief of staff meant May missed a key Commons vote that the Tories had three-line-whipped to scupper Labour MP Barry Gardiner’s Bill to end the Fire and Rehire of workers on worse pay and c

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    tions. Last night, May’s spokesman said the Chief Whip agreed she could take the jaunt, but couldn’t explain why being fawned over by Italian-British entrepreneur Bragagni was a good enough reason to miss important parliamentary

    erism. Alibaba platforms saw more than $85 billion worth of transactions during the promotion, a new record, but the rate of growth was well below that seen in past years as the company faces increasing competition from rivals like and

    year. It made no reference to the clampdown, instead blaming the decline largely on “increased investments in key strategic areas” such as the lower-tier segment of its consumer markets and its international o


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    ‘Lord Palumbo of Southwark’ – the founder of the Ministry of Sound nightclub who became a peer in 2013 after donating heavily to the Lib Dems – claimed not to know he had been a director of Jersey-registered Submin Holdin

    LONDON, Nov 19 (Reuters) – Europe’s biggest utility Enel has emerged as a frontrunner to take control of Italian payments firm Mooney as part of a joint bidding proposal with Intesa Sanpaolo, one of Mooney’s existing investors, two sources told Reuters.


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